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Project Life: Week 2

My Week 2 was more of a 'receiving' week.  Received durians from my brother Melvin and his wife Connie was a lovely treat.  Received those two photos from my two munchkins from Kuching made my days sunnier even when it often rains here in Miri.  Received very good responses for our LLC's Planner this year fueled our drive to work harder.  Received sad news about a loved one but God is never less than great and Almighty.  His love and mercy will always be upon us to guide us through life's challenges.  Above all, in everything (good or lesser) let's thank God.
Patterned papers used here are from a local brand.  Embellishments, stickers, and washi tape are mixture of local brands, Citrus Twist Kits, and MAMBI.  Stamps are from a local brand and CTK.

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