Thursday, June 18, 2015

Right Now Challenge's been quite a while since the last time I did this.  I even vaguely remember how I did it that I had to view back the last few posts.  Ha!

So here goes:-

1)  I have left my job of 9 years and it's been 2 weeks now that I am free from the corporate world.  But ended up pretty busy at home.  Rearranging, cleaning, and reorganizing my Craft Room which is now also is my Office.  Fun but no fun is the exact word to describe what I have been going through for the past 2 weeks.  But doing my Craft business full time is definitely fun :D

2)  Pursuing something new for the box shop that we (Evonne and I) have, and waiting anxiously for the Sales Report by the end of this month. Hope it will all go well :).

3)  Xavier is watching Chuggington now, every single day and night!  In fact I can hear him talking a little British every now and then recently.  

4)  His school has started practicing for their Year End School Concert.  Now I would catch him doing his dance practice once in a while...especially on weekends.

5)  Done the Front Page of my Project Life 2015 last Tuesday.  Yes...the Front Page.  Got some photos ready for the weeks of January already.  Then I realized I ran out of ink cartridges.  Urgh!  What a fun killer!  So yea...getting those inks like pronto before I can start off with my PL.

That's about it for this week now.  Till next the good life ;)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Project Life 2015 - Main Page

Yes, I just got my PL 2015 Main Page done...and it's already mid of June.  But better late than never.  I just didn't have the time to do it earlier in the year but now I have some time to spare for it so it's the best time to start off.

I got some of my photos ready for the weeks of January and February...soon just need to get my rear end to sit and get them all arranged and done with :).

So here's my Main Page.  Inserted 3 4" X 6" photos and 2 2" X 3" photos, followed by 1 Filler Card and 1 Journaling Card.  I filled my top left pocket with 1 Journaling Card and topped it with an Overlay.  The 2015 wooden numbers, the 'best buddies' and 'smile' die cuts were adhered or glued outside of the pockets instead of inside.  I also added 4 pcs of white pearl embellish on the Filler Card.


So there you go.  Will be sharing my Week 1 pretty soon.  


Monday, June 15, 2015

FMS Photo A Day - Week 25

I haven't been strictly following the FMS Photo a Day Challenge these recent months.  I would check on FatMumSlim for the Weekly Challenges, copied the image, or screenshot them in my phone...but I would easily forget about them later on.  Sheesh!

Anyway, here's another try to complete a week's challenge.  Let's see how far I'd go with this.

This week's challenge:-

And here's my Monday 15: Sun

A picture of the morning sun at my backyard taken from my craft room this morning :) 

Later Love, xoxo

Thursday, April 23, 2015

FMS Photo A Day

Did I ever tell you about FMS Photo A Day?  Some of you may have seen me posting pictures in my FB or IG with this title or hashtag.

FMS stands for FatMumSlim, who is actually the brain of this Photo A Day fun challenge.  Basically, she would post a list of challenges for daily photo taking.  Well, you can see it as a challenge for yourself, or you can see it as a very fun thing to do everyday.  I call it a fun challenge because it challenges me and it's  also fun at the same time :).  FMS, or Chantelle is her name, used to put up the list by monthly basis.  But recently, she has tweaked it a little to suit our taste and mostly convenience, to a weekly thing.  Either way, I'm fine and happy with it.  And I love the fact that she would add some photography lessons in her blog to help us with our challenges or photo taking.  Don't feel obligated or stress yourself out of your wits if you cannot meet the day's challenge.  There is no rules whatsoever for this, which adds to all the fun.

Anyway...if you're still blurry about what I'm talking about, head on to her blog here and get more details on it, and see what the fuzz is all about and how much fun it could be.

So...I'll leave you with this week's Challenge to start off with.  Yeay!!  I'm so excited for you.  Teehehehe!!  Give it a try and have a blast :D

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I'm still here...

Feels awkward and unfamiliar the first time I opened this page.  It's been quite a while.  My last post dated March 31st of last year.  A lot happened in the moments between, you'd have to sit with me probably for a couple of days if I were to share all of it with you...but I don't think you'd be interested in some sob stories and painful struggles.  Yes...those are what happened that causes this silent.  I allowed myself to be overwhelmed by it that it took almost all my passion to write and even create in my craft room.  It was that bad.

I cannot say that things are getting better now...but personally, I got better in going through it all.  I took a different perspective, and got my way around it with gratefulness and thanksgiving.  And it has made me a newer, stronger person.  There's no fixed manual for this things but I tell you what...being in control of the circumstances, instead of letting it control you, is how best you can manage and get through.  

So, I will continue to blog and write and share as much as possible.  If you are still willing to stay and tag along with me in this journey of mine....I'm still here.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Currently Monday

Xavier (4 year old here).  One of his weird poses.

Time: 3:45pm

Temperature: 32C (freakin hot!)

Loving: this gift of crafting that God has blessed me with :)
Thinking: of what to do this weekend with my boys already!

Listening: to 'A Little More Like Thee' by Mindy Gledhill

Running: out of one of my ink cartridges very soon.

Enjoying: the F1 result over the weekend.  1st Place for Hamilton!  Yippieeee!!

Cutting: down a lot on late night snacks

Planning: for someone's birthday this month ;)

Celebrating: My sister in law, Marilyn, celebrated her birthday yesterday.  We had a nice seafood dinner on Saturday night and thereafter, cake cutting at my in-laws place.

Clearing: nothing.

Driving: by myself today and tomorrow.  Alvin's outstation.

Buying: some groceries later on.

Trying: out altering an acrylic frame as a stand for a post-it note.  Will post about it soon ;)

Appreciating: considerate neighbors.  I feel blessed to have them :)

Looking: up...we have not seen clear blue sky for so long because of the haze :(

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Right Now Challenge

Here's my RNC for this week.

1)  Xavier caught stomach flu.  Oo dear...we have been in and out of the clinic this past 2 months.  It scares the heck out of me to know that he's been fed with a few types of medication.  How will that affect the body of a 4 year old?  Alvin and I have been praying hard for him :(.

2) Watched the Press Conference by the PM a couple days ago.  So heartbreaking.  I for one, will not mourn until the debris found is confirmed belonging to MH370...or bodies found.  It affects me a becomes more clearer to me that life is so fragile.  Macdorna texted me and Angie the next morning after the Press Conference with this, "In case you both forget, do know that I love you".  To some, this is interpreted as a lovely and sweet message.  But at that point of time, I was scared and panicked.  I quickly asked her what's wrong and why is she telling us this, when she already know that we love her dearly.  After she answered "We just don't know what the corner brings.  I just want to focus on what's dear and important", then only I was relieved.  Why did I have that fear?  Why did I interpret it so differently?  Then it came back to me.  The fact that when you have lost a few very important people in your life, it traumatizes you.  You start to interpret what people say differently...and at most times, sadly,...negatively.  But God is a great God.  I believe that things happen for a reason.  And if we increase our faith in Him a little more everyday, we will gain the wisdom to understand His plans.  So if your loved ones tells you that they love you, it is not a bad thing.  It's just them telling you how much you mean to them in their lives.  Except....if it is a 4 year old with a motive of having that Hershey kisses or chocolate ice-cream in the fridge, which he has already had a fair amount of just about half an hour ago.  Don't trust that sparkly big eyes with the cutest smile!  It's a trap!

3)  Monica, a close friend, flew to KL again for the her Medical Check Up and Review.  May the Lord give her strength, courage, and the wisdom to go through this sickness.

4)  Month-end craze this week.  I am at my wits sometimes, juggling work and family and LLC.  I need to go for a spa....

5)  SPM result came out.  Brenda, one of my nieces, got 5 credits and is now in the middle of deciding between colleges/universities.  I hope she makes the right decision :).

6)  Evonne and I are still working on how to improve our "box" store more.  For a small rented "box", it is actually quite challenging.

7)  No motivation at all at work.

8)  The haze is still around.  This must have brought many sickness around here.  Urgh!  Can't stand the burning smell!  And having to come home everyday seeing all the ashes on the front porch is just so irritating :(.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Currently Monday

Time: 3:20pm

Temperature: 25C (outside)

Loving: the amount of breeze early this morning.  It rained a little very earlier on.
Thinking: about MH370 and the fate of the passengers :(

Listening: to 'True' by Ryan Cabrerra

Running: late on catching up with PL 365.  Huhuhu!

Enjoying: my Hay Day game very very much.  Hehehe!

Cutting: nothing.

Planning: on making some cards and altered notebooks for the box store soon.

Celebrating: the birth of Angie's lil baby daughter, Abby Marsha Yubi.  Born March 22nd, 2014.  God bless both mother and baby :)

Clearing: my mind off certain things that's been lingering there for a while.

Driving: to work this morning was smooth.  No jam because school is out for this week!

Buying: some craft stuff online 

Trying: to finish and clear work for the month-end closing :(

Appreciating: life as it is :)

Looking: at the pc.  It's sad to admit but I am not liking what I am doing as much as I did before.  Need to look for a way out!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


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